International Conference of Labour Statisticians (ICLS): A Brief Note

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(i) Function and Participants of ICLS:

  • Global standard-setting mechanism in labour statistics
  • ILO hosts & acts as Secretariat
  • Meets every 5 years (since 1923)
  • Tripartite structure: Governments (NSO, MoL), Employers, and Workers representatives
  • Observers: International and regional organizations, NGOs


(ii) The objective of ICLS:

Main objectives of ICLS statistical standards

  • Provide guidance to countries in setting their national labour statistics programmes
  • Promote coherence in concepts & methods across sources & topics / areas
  • Promote international comparability, and
  • Set priorities for future work


(iii) The most recent ICLS:

The most recent ICLS (the 19th) took place in 2013. It produces, among others, “Resolution 1: Resolution concerning statistics of work, employment and labour underutilization’ that contains 97 Paragraphs.

The complete version of the resolution can be accessed Here; some excerpts, Here.